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To God Belongs The Glory

Let's face it, it's up to each of us, whether or not we are going to give, or withhold from God, the praise he rightly deserves. We have a will of our own which we can yield to God or decide to go it alone without his help. God says that HE WILL SHARE NONE OF HIS GLORY WITH ANOTHER and I for one believe him. The self personality, or as the Bible puts it the flesh, is so desirous of rising up within us, it is not always keen on giving in to the idea of giving total credit ,and praise, to God, for the gifting and ability that he has put within us. It is particularly when we become successful that we can find that area within us start to secretly rise up, we become, just a little too pleased with ourselves at what we have achieved, feeling subconsciously that we must have some part in what is happening. Pride was the original sin, with Satan still using it as one of his number one most preferred methods for successful attack. It works so well as it has such feel good moments for us, as we brag on, oh us.

No wonder God delights to use those who are the foolish to confound the wise. Those who are not educated, or able, or high achievers in themselves, can find themselves used by God to accomplish way beyond anything that they could ever have dreamed, or hoped for in there lives, if they are willing to give the Glory to God, for the things that he has done in there lives. Those people are highlighters of the Glory that belonging to God. Self applauding people highlight themselves, are filled with pride, and enjoy making sure that everyone around are well aware of everything they have achieved FOR God, their ability, how they handled themselves in such and such a way, how they outmatched cleverly their competition. Self reliant people can spend an age lifting up their achievements, without a mention of God at all; they can indeed even build entire ministries for the kingdom of God without God himself being involved. So, being confident in yourself and none reliant on God isn't what you can call a great thing, in fact in God kingdom you have a great advantage if you can honestly say in your heart, that without him, you are not particularly gifted, and without him you are unable to achieve much, if anything.

So, if you are not in yourself a confident person, and know that to get anywhere in your life you need help, don't despair, you are a prime canditate to be used to give God Glory. Do a bit of work on feeling better about yourself, the King of Kings can use you far easier than someone who is very confident about themselves, who has success under there belt with out Gods help, what you need to do is get to a believing state of mind and spirit, you need to believe that through Christ you can do all things, you need to be inspired by, and fuelled by, Gods word over and about your life, and you must believe in the amazing things that God wants to do in you. Give God a free hand in your life, and you will see change like never before.

Those that have so much talent that they need little of God, don't take to changing easily; they don't see the need to change as they feel comfortable with themselves as they are. It takes a supernatural encounter with God to change the mind of the able person, to make them understand that there is something wrong with them, that their own self reliance means that their life is not able to give God the true Glory that is due him. When any of us encounter the Holy Spirit in our lives, it becomes almost impossible to take the Glory for what is done, because it is just so him. The best way for any of us too truly give God the glory is too allow ourselves to be taken into his presence, and the one person who knows how to take us into his presence is the Holy Spirit, he is our greatest gift on this earth today, he is closer to us, if we learn how to allow him to be, than any other can ever be. His interest in us, and his understanding of us, is like no other persons can ever be, and unlike any other person, he has the ability, the power, and the knowledge, of exactly what we need to succeed in our lives The Holy Spirit is here today, just as on the Day of Pentecost, to fill us, and empower us, to do the work that Jesus has for us to do. He was not just there to enable the Early Church, he is here to enable us, to accomplish everything we need to do now, today.

Gods grace is sufficient to help us overcome all the areas of inadequacy, and lack, and take them and make them into strength, and ability, for his glory. But, we have to be willing to yield ourselves to his kingdom purpose for us, in order to achieve everything in our lives for him. There is no such thing as failure for those who give themselves over to God, and who are prepared to try to achieve through there lives for Gods kingdom. Failure, is when we listen to the voice of doubt, fear, and reason, that says DON'T for you will fail, don't for you have no talent, don't for God isn't with you. So often we are put off reaching for more in our lives because of the voice of reason that convinces us that its better to sit and not try, rather than try and fail to achieve, but that isn't Gods way, he is the author of who dares wins. Remember the parable of the talents, in Matthew 12 verse 14 and verse30.remember how through this same thought one of the men buried what he was given and thought that God would be pleased that he had kept safe the one talent he was given. He was so filled with fear and idleness that he did the worst possible thing that he could do, he sat on top of the one gift God had given him, and squashed it so flat that it would never produce fruit, he did absulutly nothing at all with what God had given him. We should all take a lesson from this unfortunate wretch, and realise that GOD HAS put, or divided amongst us different talents, strengths and abilities, according to the measure that he has put within us, and he expects that we should make as top priority in our lives the making as much as we can out of these gifts or abilities.

Do not allow yourself to end up living in disappointment, and dissatisfaction, just because you did not encourage yourself to explore what you can accomplish within Gods Kingdom. Every one of us has giftings that are given to us, strengths and abilities unique to us. Let God be glorified through you, by yielding yourself to his will for your life, stop holding back and burying that talent, and actively seek after how you can multiply that which you have. Its never too late, if you are still on this Earth, then God has purpose and expression for your life, if he didn't then you would no longer be alive on this Earth today, but you would have gone on to be with him in eternity. As long as you are here then his work for you has not ended, and his desire to empower you to be all that you can be for him is very much still open for you to enter into.


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