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A New Season

Do you want God to do something new and fresh in your life? Then let me say that a new season in God is upon us. This year doesn't need to be the same mundane round of events but be a season where you connect with the new thing God wants to do in your life.

God works in times and seasons, he opens doors to us at set times and puts in front of us opportunities that lead us on into his purpose and plan for our lives. None of us are mistakes! God called us, God chose us before the world was ever made, to be his. We belong to God. You, me, we are here for his great kingdom purpose. Therefore he WANTS  to do something amazing in your heart, in your life to increase your faith, to stir up your spirit to connect with the new season that he's bringing upon you. Remember as his word says, "He planned in love for us that we might be....." Becoming what God wants our lives to BE is the all important point of life itself. We grow through the seasons of life into the full stature of Christ.

There's a story in the bible about a man named Abraham. In Gen 18:1-15 Abraham was considered an old man and his wife Sarah too. Abraham a long time ago had received a promise from God that he was going to have a son, many things had happened in his life on the road to the promise but now both Abraham and his wife were old people! Yet right about now when all earthly ways of looking at it would have declared it mad and impossible, along comes God and says to them both " according to the season of life, Sarah your wife is going to have a son!"

This saying of God actually got Sarah to laugh at the very idea that she at her age could conceive and bare a son. Never doubt that God can do what he says and stay believing so that when your season, your time, your moment comes, your ready for it.
In this story there were two people waiting for the same promise. Abraham and Sarah but Abraham was still judging God as faithful, believing that God despite his age was still able to do it.  Don't let the passage of time harden your heart to faith. Perhaps your waiting for something from God in your life, but waiting doesn't mean your times not coming.
Keep STRONG in faith and maintain expectancy about receiving from God this year.

Listen to what God said to Sarah after she'd laughed "I am God, is there anything too hard for me? According to the time (season) of life I will return to  you and you will have a son!"
Just as there is a season of sowing (putting in the work, the belief, the prayer, the effort, doing your part in other words) there is also a time to reap a harvest.
You never have to worry about God not doing his part. God is faithful and tells us to have patience that after we've done his will we SHALL inherit the promise.
2 Cor 6:2 says "In a time of favor (or the accepted time) I have heard you, and in the day of salvation I have helped and delivered you. Behold NOW IS the accepted time, behold NOW IS the day of salvation."
When Jesus arrived at Nazareth, his home town in Lk 4:16 and went into the synagogue, he declared that their season or time of deliverance had come.
"This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears!"
In the case of those listening to Jesus it wasn't good news because they couldn't get past the fact he'd grown up in their town but from that moment on the power of Gods spirit through Jesus began to be manifest to the world that the time had come when something new and amazing was going on and the world has never been the same since!

Don't be discouraged if the season your in or have been in, has felt hard and difficult. Gods promise is true and if you keep on having faith in God and keep doing what he's been telling you to do, then you ARE going to connect with the power of his spirit to turn your season from lack and mourning into one of joy, victory and abundance.
Your times now and God is about to do miracles in your life.


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