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Against All Odds

The Bible is full of people overcoming their problems and obstacles to achieve what can only be described as a truly happily ever after, when having finally achieved the goal that has been so elusive in the past they can finally, without shame or fear, say “I Love God and will forever after serve you with uninhibited Joy and gratefulness, because You, You saved me and gave Your only Son unto death that I might have the promise of eternal life, spent with you.” David, Abraham, Joshua, Samuel, Gideon, Paul, Peter, Moses, Jacob, Cornelius, and the list is as high as the heavens.

You may feel as low as the lowest worm in the depths of the earth we walk on but you try and remember that God created even the lowliest insect and, though metaphorical in Human terms, from small things is the greatness of tomorrow realized. Today was today and I put an emphasis on the was; whatever has happened in the past God created the next day so that you can; with every rising sun start anew and realize the opportunity that those hours gives you.

Nothing should faze us, nothing should make us falter for even the briefest of seconds, because we should know that within our innermost being that; One - there is a river bursting its banks to get out and show the world that what you have is worth having, that what you have is better than any possible experience on Earth because you have the best friend, the best dad, the best protector when you're scared and the best comforter when you feel that its just not worth bothering. And two - that you know that there is a reason that you keep coming back every Sunday to the same place that makes you feel even an iota better than when you came in and that that feeling is somethiagang that you need to have continuous throughout your life until the day that you get up to that place and you can say “I did it… I did it and I did it for you!”

I love God...

Never forget that you are Christ Like, in essence an ambassador. What do ambassadors do? They make their countries look good, and knowing that your kingdom cannot be bad can drive you on past the downs and trivialities that come with everyday living.

I'm not saying that you should go around like some happy smiling daisy every day, or some sort of magical pixie horse (oops almost wrote something awful there LOL) because in life bad things happen… Horrible things happen you cant stop it and it wont relent but a positive attitude to your problems gives you the edge to overcome them. 9 times out of 10 an enemy that thinks he has got you will crumble when you shrug off the problem, pray on it and carry on, locking horns with the enemy means he will lose because God's side cannot lose. Showing the enemy that you know that better things will come will shake him enough for you to deal him a crippling blow.

Satan knows he cannot win and that he is done for, he is trying to pull as many of us down as he can before it is too late, he is the bad guy that the movie good guy ends up killing in the end.

Every bump in that narrow and rocky road is a test; God is cheering you on to overcome it…. Don't Let Him Down!

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