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Always a Reason to Praise


We should never be without a reason to praise god and to declare what he’s done for us. We should always have a testimony about the things he’s doing in our lives. The reason for this is simple, no testimony, nothing happening! I firmly believe that we should be never short of a reason to give God the glory and to tell other people about what he’s doing in our lives.

The emphasis is on the fact that God is always doing something for us and that we should be alive to that fact. People miss a lot in life by either being too busy with other things or too immersed in their own problems to get awake enough to see the good God’s doing.

Rev 12: 11 says they overcame him (the devil) or got the victory by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony your testimony has a lot of power, especially when you declare it with your mouth. What god does for you, weather it be a healing , or change in a problem your having, a loved one saved or merely that your not so depressed anymore since god touched you, is in fact the word in action.

What happened in the book of acts was the power of Jesus at work and people declaring it. We can do the same by declaring what gods doing for us be it small or large. Your testimony of God touching you can not only help your faith and encourage you but lift someone else up to believe that the same is possible for them. When we speak out what gods done were declaring the victory and Satan hates that. A testimony promotes praise in our hearts to god for what he’s done as we give the glory to him and there is power in that.

King David in psalms 46: 1 said “my heart is bubbling over with a good thing about something the lord has done, he said “I’m talking about the things I’ve seen about the king “
and I don’t mean Elvis.

Too often we are bubbling over with something but it usually isn’t good or about what the king has done for us. Instead its how depressed your feeling or how life’s not going your way or what attitude you have to your latest bug bare.

This needs to change so that we can be like David who said stuff like this

“Let the words of my mouth and what I’m thinking in my heart be pleasing to you my God and my redeemer” or why are you cast down o my soul hope in God! You have put gladness in my heart more than in the time my enemy’s corn and wines increasing.

We need to have something in our heart about our God that inspires our faith to believe, and declare it. Speaking out what gods done for you.

Ps 107:2 David says give thanks to the lord for he is good, for his mercy endures forever and then he goes on to say “ let the redeemed of the lord say so whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy” in other words if God’s done something for you don’t sit silent but speak it out .

There is power in the words we say. There is power in the words we speak out over our lives and there is power when we speak out what’s real against the enemy when he comes to drag down your faith about yourself.

The word is a sharp two edged sword that cuts back against the enemy and puts him to flight. The enemy knows when you have something real in your heart and when its not. When God does something or when he shows you something, then that’s what will silence the accuser of the brethren. Remember you don’t win when you’re in sin or doubt or faking your Christianity. You may fool others but not God yourself or the enemy!

Satan when he came to tempt Jesus in the wilderness came across someone who knew he was defeated and in whom the word was very alive and sharp! Satan ended up fleeing away from his encounter with the son of God because the word of his testimony has power and reality behind it.

One touch of the power of God in our lives that really changes something in us, has more effect than a thousand sermons because Gods connected with the real depths of our soul and what we then have to say automatically comes out far more convincing and powerful.

It’s sad to come to any church that’s devoid of a testimony. It’s like Michel Angelo with no paint in his pot or a latte that’s been made cold, both disappointing and lacking something vital.

I recently spoke to someone at a particular local church and asked them if God had done something for them recently. The answer I received some what surprised me, there was a pregnant silence for several seconds, where they seemed ready to choke, then they blurted out, “well I’m just trying to think if there’s anything he’s done lately” . More silence, then” I just can’t think of anything at the moment.

I felt like saying “well have you been asleep or was God off on holiday that the two of you missed each other! It’s very clear that you’re not going to be expressing much in the way of life or on fire Christian living if you can’t even think of an answer to that question. Remember, no testimony, no life and no victory.

We always have a reason to praise God because he’s always doing something for us. If you’re breathing today and have a pulse then be grateful, if you’re not starving for food then give God the praise. If your well then rejoice because God’s keeping you healthy.

If you read something in his word that encourages you then these are simple but clear reasons to be happy and give God the praise. Remember that the more you get into God the more you’ll have a testimony of power that will help you live an overcoming life.



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