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God changes things... get used to it

Being the same isn't necessarily the best for our spiritual health. I don't mean we should be unstable, no I'm talking growth!
God wants us to grow!!! And when I say grow I mean produce a lot of fruit!
If we stagnate in life that's when our growth as a spiritual man or woman stops! Or at the least it slows to the point you barely notice your alive.
You end up with some angel holding a mirror to your lips to check for signs of breath in the body and shaking his head.

Just as growth in a natural child is not only desired but expected, and we would be alarmed if the said child remained exactly the same for ten years, so God comes looking for us to mature and grow in him. Stunted Christians are not glorifying to God. It's a clue that somethings gone wrong with the old life line!
If we are to reach our full potential in every area of our life, then we need to be tapped in to our source and receiving the things that produce the fruit.
"The fruit of the spirit is, love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance (not prohibition movement but rather self control!)"

The emphasis here is in the spirit part first! Without the wonderful supply of the Spirit of God to and in our hearts, we won't grow spiritually. He is the author of life, the one who germinates change within us.
When we are properly joined to the vine, ( read john 15 for a clue in to what I'm talking about ) then some pretty dramatic change is in store for us.
If you think of a tree in winter, all bare branched and grey with the cold, standing stark and vividly highlighted against a winter sky, I wax poetical, then think about how different the same tree looks in the hight of summer. The sky is blue, the tree is one giant mass of lush foliage and impossibly laden down with fruit.
Well that's how God wants us to be. A lot of Christian folks live in a perpetual winter, withered branches rustling against a cold world but it's NOT GODS PLAN for your life!!!
He wants change, he wants life, he wants to see us maturing and growing through deeper stages of faith and love and knowing a peace that can't be shaken. He wants to see his spirit have an effect upon us that totally changes us from the failing flesh run human without God, to the overcoming spirit filled son and daughter of God that we ARE!

We need to embrace change. We need to say to our father God, here I am, take me and mould me, shape me like the potter with the clay and turn me into a vessel of honour and grace in your kingdom. Let me be different, I don't want to stay the same old sinning, cussing, critical, bad attitude dweeb I was but I want to be the strong, stately tree growing up in the house of my God full of life, a thing of beauty, a man or woman in whom God almighty can take pleasure and say stuff like... "This is what I was going for when I created it all"
Here me well folks, God change is good for your soul!


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