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To Get Results You Need Action

2 Peter 1:5-14

In this chapter Peter found it necessary to remind people about the fact that their lives were supposed to be increasing in God qualities! God always wants us to grow in our walk with him and to never become stunted or heading off on some tangent in life, that won't promote his best for our lives.

As Christians we are here to represent Christ and to uphold our part in being good examples of him and to see his name honoured and not dishonoured. Your life is supposed to be looking like Jesus. You’re here to learn how to be more like him than less. Some Christians actually start off better than where they’re ending up and so like Peter, I want to remind you of some of the finer things of life in God that should be seen in you.

God wants you to be living a life of worth, which means that something of value is being built on the inside of you. Jesus said that the real treasure of life is what is coming from God and entering into your heart, so that good things begin to grow. I don’t think that any of us would seriously desire to grow some hideously poisonous plant in our house, and so it should be the same with our lives in God. We want to see good qualities encouraged in us and the bad kicked out!

A quality is an outstanding feature in a person’s life. It’s something that stands out to others and is worth keeping not losing.

We can all have good things from God growing and developing in us, so nobody needs to miss out here. Jesus talked about the parable of the sower in matt 13-23, that there are degrees of fruit we can attain too. Some of us would go on to produce a 100, some sixty some thirty. Even if your just a thirty percenter type of person, maximise your efforts to see the good qualities of God in you grow

Peter in this chapter, said that to your faith, which I trust you all have, we needed to employ diligence, to employ every effort to add to our lives Christian qualities worth having.

Every effort means not just once a year effort, once a week effort but every day aiming to be your best for God. This isn’t the moment to go off to holiday in Christian nodd land, or the wonderful world of depression over your situation but to wake up, shake yourself and to look with fresh vision at where you’re heading with God

If you’re an exercising type of person, then you know what im talking about. You need to get up, move the body , work the muscles, and basically feel the burn to start seeing some results and that takes committing to the mountain. Facing the fact that you are required to do your bit so God will do his.

When was the last time that you really exercised your faith in anything? When have you recently employed your faith to see God fruit appear in your life?

Stir up your spiritual man and quicken yourself to action in the Holy Ghost because to get results you need action!

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