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Stoke The Fire

Where no wood is, the fire dies. A true and I may say accurate proverb regarding a Christians heart.
You and I were baptized into the fire of God. John the Baptist himself, declared this about Jesus that he would come and baptize people with, not only water but the Holy ghost and fire. Therefore what keeps a child of God alive, is the fire of the spirit of God on the inside of them that they have received when they were born again of the spirit.
What your baptized into Is what you should remain in but a great extinguisher has crept into the church to attempt to put out the fire of God that should be burning ALL the time in our lives.

Religion, the worldly encroachment of secular ways, people who don't like to retain God truly on their minds have all been trying to put God and his fire on the other side of the church Walls.
But we need the fire of the Holy ghost burning within us. Jesus said keep your lamps burning brightly. That's hard for you or I to do without the necessary fire! Just how do you keep your life like a spiritual light if you allow the enemy to dampen down, hose down, quench out, Gods spirit in your life.
Jesus said to his disciples just prior to him ascending to the father, that they should return to Jerusalem for they were going to be baptized into the Holy spirit and fire not many days hence.
On that great day fire indeed fell in the shape of the spirit of God. Fire that sat upon each of them gathered in that upper room individually and they were all filled with the Holy ghost and began to speak in other tongues.

If we are filled with his fire then we need to walk in that fire. It says that God himself is a consuming fire that no corruption or evil can approach without being destroyed. If we walk in this fire of God then we too walk in protection from the corrupting influences of the world or dead religion. Religion hates the fire of God because it's really God!
There are a lot of cold, damp, extinguished, Christians sitting in churches who's lives are not filled with the power but the form of Christian living. Having had experience recently of returning to a flooded, dank cold house with no electricity to it, with a cold wind blowing outside, I know what I'm talking about!  It's where Gods spirit is showing up that is truly alive. Jesus came full of and controlled by the spirit of God.
Let's face facts shall we? The word says that "Without me you can do or achieve precisely nothing." Separate from Gods fire and spirit, we will not be doing what God wants, we won't grow, we won't overcome.

We need to do what Paul told Timothy to do in 2 Tim1:6. To stir up or Stoke the fire back into a roaring fire within himself. We've received that same fire and in many cases it's being extinguished by the nasty old fire extinguishers that are running unopposed in the church diligently stamping out Gods fire wherever they see it. They want to say the right words and talk about the spirit of God in terms of some mystical force but the last thing they want is his fire and power being manifest in their services.
Church isn't about us people it's supposed to be about God. HIS CHURCH HIS WAY!!!!
Stir up and Stoke the fire that Gods put on the inside of you. Don't be one of the cold embered flue sitters who've lost all hunger and desire and drive to be serving God and letting others hear the same good news that you heard. Think back to how you used to feel about God when he first found you and touched you and open your heart up back to him once again and start to seek his face. Rake amongst that which he put into you many years ago now, but set some sparks alight within you. Soak up his word. Pray up a storm. Give him some desire and hunger in his direction and let your faith set you alight once more to connect with his spirit in your life.



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