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The place where they were was shaken...

Sometimes it's good to have a shake up in your life. Things can become rutted and enclosed and traditional in a bad way.

You were made for the river of Gods spirit to flow through you bringing constant fresh water and life to nourish your soul. However just as if a bunch of busy beavers had got loose along the water course of your life, you end up dammed up and Gods river has become shut down to a mere trickle, when it should be a mighty torrent of power that effects the very depths of your life!

Ever seen the movie the Dambusters? Great flick that. The moment in the film where the dam takes a definite strike with one of those bouncing bombs, you see an explosion of water erupt from that wall which had been blocking incalculable fathoms of h2o. Once the obstructions taken out, the river flows.

God wants, desires to have his river of living water flowing deep and powerful in your heart. For where ever that river comes it brings life and healing and joy and great gladness. It brings freedom to the captive and the opening of prison doors to those who are bound.

When Jesus came to earth and grew up amongst all us humans, he brought a river of freedom that has changed the destiny literally for millions of people. Broken lives repaired by the power of the blood and the fire of the Holy ghost!
Jesus shook mankind to the very roots and broke them free from the enforced slavery of sin and death that was swallowing up folk like you and me. His work of grace upon the cross opened up a route of salvation and we now have something really to rejoice in in life. This is not all there is! There is a future and a destiny that sparkles like the most precious diamond. A future with God in his amazing kingdom forever.

There's a scripture in the book of acts (Acts 4:31) that reads thus. " and when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together, and they were all filled with the Holy ghost and they spoke the word with boldness..."

If you will get down and really pray from your heart to God, he will hear you and answer your prayer. Prayer changes things as you pray believing!

God wants to shake up your routine, your life, your vision and get you refocused upon him and his strength in you. That shaking can feel like your run through the mill but it's God reshaping things ultimately for your good and your benefit.

All things are working together for your good even if right now you shake your head and say I don't know how. Fear not, God knows the how-to's in your life. He's on your side and is leading you into a place where you'll be turning around with joy to say "look what the Lords done for me".


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