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"In the begining was the word and the word was with God and the word was God..... All things were made by him."

Jn 1:1

At the begining of everything to do with our lives, is, was and shall forever be Gods word. He is the alpha (begining) and he's also the omega (ending).
We were formed from the earth at his spoken command, we live on the earth that was spoken into being by his word, you were born again into eternal life and future because you recieved his word of salvation, that is Jesus.
Jesus was with God at the very begining, he is the living word that came down from heaven and who brought the good news of the gospel of salvation to lost mankind!
Today that word upholds everything by it's spoken power. You are alive today because God says you are to be so. Our times, yours and mine rest in the hand of God.

At the begining of every step forward in our lives is that spirit empowered word that connects with our soul and transforms us into the new created sons and daughters of the most high.
Our lives, infact the lives of every man woman and child who live today and have ever lived upon planet earth, are subject to what that word has to say! Yes even the unsaved and the athiests who like to believe God doesn't exist, are infact subject to that word. They live in a world that only continues because God says it should. Each one male and female will be judged by that word whatever they believe.
For us who have recieved Christs salvation our lives are fed and made prosperous as we follow that word, daily taking heed to what it says.
We should rejoice that the living word was revealed in our hearts.
The scripture says 'you sent forth your word and delivered my soul!'
The words Jesus spoke upon earth have rung clear and powerful down through the centuries of time. The men who obeyed the word achieved awesome things in their lives and changed the course of history. People like Paul who litteraly was floored at the words of Jesus on the demascus road as he realised all at once in a moment of time, that Jesus was real and truelly the son of God. He then goes on to change the lives of countless numbers of lives who heard what Jesus spoke through him.
Within you and I, jesus said, his word would abide. In our hearts God has written the word of his Spirit so that we could live, not the letter of the law that kills but the Spirit of the law that gives life and frees you and me from the things Satan would try to bind us with. That word guarantees that if we follow it and obey, we are going to live to the very best that a human can live. The word breaks the yoke of the enemy and won't stop once spoken by God, till it accomplishes what it was sent to do.

Remember he is the alpha and omega, the begining of his work in us and also the finisher of it. He's going to supernaturally get us to the finish line with a crown of life waiting for us!
God says this in the book of ecclesiasties 'I know that whatever God does shall be forever. Nothing can be taken from it and God does it that men should fear before him.' this is so awesome because he that has begun a good work in us is also going to fulfil it till the day of Christ. Gods word won't come back to him empty, he has said it and who will stop it. That's so encouraging because it means that even when we miss out, the fact that he says we are predistined to win means we shall. His word takes us from the very start of our lives all the way through to their end.

As we and this is the most important part, believe his word for us, that's when we get changed and connect with our God destiny. Faith is the ingrediant, inspired by his Spirit within our hearts, that turns the words on the pages of our bible or spoken to us from the front of a church, into a life giving reality that can do the most incredable things! Problems that have bound your life for years break from you, diseases leave you body, fear withers from your soul, things that were unclear about your walk with Jesus, suddenly become crystel clear. A whole lot is said in this world. Every day we are bombarded by words words words. Words from the news, words from our teachers, words from our bosses, words from family members, words from our friends but the only word that has power and freedom and eternal life are the words of Jesus, God the son, the living word.
Obeying Gods word means we will be the ones who get the crown. It's only those who chose to disobey that word, that shall also reap the judgements written for those who chose to ignore it! Winners remember wear a crown, losers a frown. Dont be a loser in life, someone who does life running against what God says, that road leads to destruction but join me in loving Gods word and let's obey what he says, it's the only way to live!


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