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"That good thing which was committed unto you keep by the Holy ghost which dwelleth in you. "

2 Tim 1:14

This week I want you to believe me when I tell you that there is an amazing deposit of God in you.
Given to you according to Gods word and it is something good! We have this treasure in earthen vessels. We're the earthen bit, the treasure being the God bit.
What we have received is precious and worth fighting for! We have received the promise of God which is  the Holy ghost, the spirit of God himself in us. With him of course comes some other amazing things. Ie. faith!  the same faith that Paul received, faith that builds us up into the person God wants us to be. Through faith we have received the power of the truth of the gospel (not some watered down version of Godliness that denies the power of God but being born again through repentance from dead old works with a heart belief in Jesus being the son of God, followed by baptism in water and the baptism in the Holy ghost) we have received the joy of the Holy Ghost and no man has or should take power over you to rob that joy.
We have received the unmovable truth of the word of God that lives in our hearts and guides and instructs us in the ways of God.
So in saying all that, make sure that you hold fast to the truth you've received and don't be easily moved away from it by the tides and waves of other doctrine. We are told to contend or fight earnestly for the faith of the gospel that we have received. (read the book of jude, it won't take long being all of one short chapter) but within that book a warning is sounded. You need to stand under the protection and seal of the Holy ghost. In other words, if you want to keep what Gods given to you, you need to stay close to his Spirit. You do that by spending time with God in a day renewing your strength in his presence as you pray and read his word. Feeding yourself by drinking into his river of life and power that's flowing constantly out to you everyday. Through close contact with him, we overcome and remain fixed upon the rock Christ Jesus and as he said himself, nothing and no one would be able to pluck you out of his hand!
It's in the time of trouble that we realize the power of God is so real as he begins to show up and show out in our lives, making us aware that he is indeed with us and if we will remain fixed in him, he will keep what he has given to us, secure till the end.
When everything gets shaken in life, know that it's what God has built that will stand. The word says in Hebrews 12 that there's coming a day when everything is going to be shaken to test what is Gods and what isn't. Fear not though, I believe God has built into your life something that's going to survive the earthquakes that may be going on right now and bring you through stronger and better than you've ever been before.
So commit all of you, all that you are into the hands of the Holy ghost and he will take care of you and place you into a position of unassailable strength.
Believe the word today and I know God will stand with you as you put yourself in his capable hands.


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