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"The lord bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and give you peace. "

Num 6:24-27

Isn't the word of God amazing! It says eyes haven't seen, neither have ears heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for them that love him. I'm telling you today that God loves you. You should never be confused or left in any doubt about that point. He says he has loved us with an everlasting love. Love that has no end, love that won't run out. If you have a heart that loves God, then good things are in store, laid up for you to enter into.
So because your loved by an eternal heavenly father, God speaks over your life his blessing. In his presence, we are truly and completely blessed, no power of darkness, no trouble, no circumstance we go through can separate us from the love of God and his favor over our lives. It's like that rainbow God placed in the clouds as a witness of the covenant of his mercy and kindness towards us.

So let me simply break down this verse for you:
The blessing of God.
God calls us blessed, his favor and love are like an open window above a child of God. Stuff can hinder or slow down the connection towards Gods best for us but can not ultimately stop what God has spoken over us. Call yourself blessed not cursed, whatever way things look now, you are blessed. Jesus came to break the curse over our lives upon the cross and poured down upon us fantastic, mind blowing gifts from heaven. Open your heart and RECEIVE the blessing.

The lord keep you.
A child of God is kept (protected, sheltered, defended from harm) by the blood of Jesus upon our lives. We are bought with a price and that price was Jesus. Our days are in his hand and not Satan's. So relax into the protection that you DO HAVE and know that the almighty is looking out for you. You matter to God as an individual who he personally delivered from Satan to be apart of his body, so trust and do not be afraid.

The lord make his face shine upon you.
When Gods face is towards us, nothing can stop us, thwart Gods plan or prevent us from victory. His glory upon us, his light on our path, his awesome power overshadowing our lives means that nothing is impossible, nothing will stand before us. It's like having the sun bathing us in a warm glow, the feeling of Gods presence in and around our lives. We know a great peace that transcends our outward troubles.

The Lord gives peace.
Jesus gave us his peace. Perfect peace that quenches the storm, stills the whirlwind, casts out fear and torment, worry and pain and leaves us perfectly SECURE in the knowledge that God is with us every step of the way. Know that peace within your heart today and let him fill your entire being with the joy his spirit.

This week meditate on this scripture and enter back into the truth of these things in your life, all should be working, so let God sort you out and impart to you the maximum of his life for you.


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