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Are You Thirsty?

"Do you want God in your life? Do you feel so thirsty inside for him that you could just curl up and die if he doesn't touch you?
Not having his Spirit within you is an awful prospect. If his life isn't in us we are just dried up roots of a dusty tree marooned way out in death valley Nevada surrounded by the bleached bones of some unfortunate settlers dead cow.

I think you grasp the situation I'm describing. Perhaps you feel like some of those old dried bones that the prophet Ezekiel was observing in Ezekiel 46:1. Long dead, devoid of hope, cut off somehow from the feel, the touch, the life giving breath of God. You lie there in a state of suspended dryness and wonder if Gods really real or if this is all there is.
Many people live like this and they are in church! How horrific to sit in church dead inside, slain by the form of religion rather than experiencing the power. There's a huge difference to talking about God and really feeling his presence in you, around you, in the very air your breathing.
Before I was baptized into the Holy ghost, I felt dry and empty and that my Christianity was hard and difficult. Reading the word, I did because my father, who was a preacher, told me too. I struggled with feelings of despair and hopelessness in my personal life and was frustrated that all my Reading and study and prayer got me no freer or happier.
Then one day in a room I came into contact with someone who had been in a revival that was going on in the USA. Revival is what people name a move of God where it's no longer talking about God as if he's some distant old relative we are going to meet someday in the great here after but a very present, very real person in the form of the Holy ghost who Jesus sent to fill his church after he ascended to the right hand of his father.
When you experience him and feel what it's like to touch God, even in the smallest way that we can take and not expire as mere humans, going back to life without him is frankly appalling!
This is why the church needs the spirit of God.

Ezekiel looked across the valley of dead bones and was asked a question by God. "Can these bones live?" Being a sensible chap, Ezekiel answered "You know the answer to that one God."
Let God answer the same question for you, the way that God answered the prophet. " speak to the bones and say thus says the Lord...." Perhaps it's time for you to start to say thus says the Lord over your areas of life that feel like they're dead.
If those dry bones could have spoken, I'm certain they would have testified to a dire thirst and need for God. Is that you today? Are you thirsty for more of God? Then you need to touch him. He can be touched with the feeling of our needs. He's not removed himself to the high heavens so that we can't feel, sense or know him. His holy spirit didn't disappear back to heaven after the apostles died. He is very much here and working in his church to re awaken us to all he wants for us to receive. Awake to the fact first of all that there is more! What you know of God isn't even a beginning to who he is or what his power can do for you.

We should be thirsty for God in our hearts, there should be a longing that nothing else can satisfy but him. Listen to King Davids word.
"Oh God thou art my God. My soul thirsteth for you my flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where no water is. To see thy power and thy glory so as I've seen in your sanctuary. Go after God for yourself. If you seek him you will find him and your soul will know amazing peace and joy like nothing on earth can ever give you.


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