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"Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage."
Gal 5:1

The freedom that your life as a child of God has been brought into should not be surrendered or given over ever to anyone man or devil but guarded jealously by you. The reasons simple: It was through the operation of tremendous power working in Christ upon the cross that liberated you from the control of Satan and brought to an end his right to having any hold over your mind, your body, your soul or your spirit!
It was an act of planning, the yielding of Jesus in obedience to his father and the outpouring of his life upon the cross that broke the chains of darkness upon your life so you could enter into this freedom.
Therefore we should neither take for granted nor grow careless in our walk to allow ANYTHING to entangle, ensnare or bring you back into a condition of bondage.

Addictions and problems that habitually trap people into unhealthy repetitive ways of living are a sad mark of this age. Let's face it, the almost instant access people today have to anything from pornographic images to witchcraft to extreme violence through one or more of a variety of gadgets is mind blowing. I'm not advocating getting rid of our smart phones or lap tops which are fabulous inventions but rather that we as Gods children just learn wisdom and self control over what we mix our lives with. To avoid the pit falls of today's generation we need to be guided by the person Jesus sent to keep his church moving in the right direction. ie. the spirit of God. After all he is the very essence of freedom from the power of darkness that works in the world. "For where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!". This is why Jesus when he walked this earth was in it but not of it. Why he lived sin free, though tried on all points like we are today but again..... Sin free.

A healthy life Is one that is lived right. It says that right living saves you from death or destruction. So because none of us can get it right all the time even though we aim to do good, we have the grace of God by his spirit to help us live the way we should. Salvation is not based on how good we are but because Jesus loved us and gave himself for us but aiming our lives today not to deliberately walk into traps of the enemy is just plain old-fashioned commonsense and wisdom.
Paul in Romans 6:1-2 said that just because I'm saved by grace doesn't mean I'm going to continue living in the things that Jesus saved me from. What was the point of being saved from the deep dark, miry, bubbling, stinking pit if we go back and play hop scotch along the crumbling edge of the same pit, ready to slip back into that same foul broth! Seriously sometimes pigeons learn quicker!!

All joking aside it would be good this year if some of us who will remain nameless (probably because I don't know them) would take to heart the idea of standing fast in the safe perimeters of liberty, not playing on the grace of God but learning wisdom in what we link our heart too. Don't get bound up in bad things or even forms of religion that denies the power of God. Live like wise children, the good book says, redeeming the time for the days you live in are evil. Holding forth the word of truth to a lost and dying world who desperately need restored back to their loving heavenly father before it's all too late. It's hard to effect others for good with the salt and light we are supposed to be if our lights get extinguished by the same darkness.
Gods got good things install for you, to enjoy the best of that we need to be free. Jesus said this "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."


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