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"But if the spirit of him that raised Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead,  SHALL also quicken your mortal body by his spirit that dwelleth in you! "

Rom 8:11

Gods word has power and as soon as you receive it by faith, it swings into action in your heart. Jesus said the words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life!
In saying that, read this verse, think on this verse, believe this verse for this word is for you. If your inhaling Gods good air today and have received the promise of the Holy Spirit in your life, then God wants to activate your faith.
If the same Spirit of him i.e. God almighty, dwells, lives, abides in you, then you are about to undergo a resurrection in your life. It could be ill health that is attacking you, but Gods Spirit is the spirit of life, the very power that formed you at mans beginning and that now dwells within you.
There's no sickness or disease or bondage, that isn't defeated by the blood of Jesus and the resurrection power that brought Christ again from among the dead.
Whatever is trying to dominate your life, and bring down your hopes and dreams to the level of natural thinking, instead of God thinking, then his spirit within you will break you free from that right now in the name of Jesus.
Let Gods Spirit arise on the inside of you by faith and start to believe what Gods word is saying here. His word is true and that means it works!
When you received your salvation more happened to you than you have ever begun to experience. You entered a spiritual kingdom with almighty God at it's heart before whom nothing can stand. You became joined to the same Spirit that fills everything, the very secret of life that mankind still desperately seeks for. Forget Eldorado and the fountain of youth, you are connected to the same inheritance of Christ!

That means just as Christ was raised up from death itself, your physical and spiritual bodies can be equally raised up from whatever's afflicting you now. Power to rise up in the name of Jesus just like the man let down through the roof to where Jesus was staying. At his word, he received power to be freed from his disease and got up, taking the bed he'd been brought in on with him.
I say to you today, rise up in the name of Jesus from whatever is troubling you and be lifted back into health and strength as you put your faith and trust in him. His Spirits on the inside of you, that means there is freedom where he dwells.


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