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“According as he has chosen us, actually picked us out, to be in him before the world even was. That we should be holy and without blame before him in love. Having predestined us....."

Eph 1:4 vs. 5

What this amazing portion of Gods word is saying to you, is that you were no accident and no mistake. God before the world even was created had planned in love for you to be with him in his kingdom and part of him forever!
You were a product of divine destiny, born into this world at the foreknowledge of God almighty. It wasn't because of anything we could possibly do but because of his unfathomable love and grace that you are alive in God today!
That's quite a thought to comprehend but it's true and because it's true, it has even further amazing truths to it.

If God knew already that you were on your way, then it also means that everything about your life has already been mapped out by God. This is why we KNOW for a fact that everything is working together for our good, even our mistakes.
I've heard it said recently that we are not a surprise to God. He knows everything about us.
David said that “You knew me and saw me when I was conceived, even before my substance was formed. You know my down sitting and my uprising; you know when I'm feeling good and when my world is all going to pot. Nothing about me is hidden from you. Wherever I'm dwelling you know about it and there your hand will uphold me and there your hand will lead me!"

David had this revelation that God was in control! That all his days were numbered by God. It's exactly the same for us. Realise right now, that God, the God who inhabits eternity and gave his very own son for us, is in complete control of your life. We are predestined to be with God as his people and our future in him is certain. Even in the hard times of life, look out for his hand to lead and guide you into victory, just like he did with King David. Know also that the best is still ahead for us.

Therefore we do not faint and grow weary in our minds but can draw strength from his spirit who is with us and start to enter into his destiny for our lives. The one fact about a God destiny is that it can't be denied, or changed. Gods said it and he will perform it. God has called us blessed and who's going to tell him he's wrong.

Have a little faith and it will go a long way.


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