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"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain who build it. Unless the lord keeps the city, the watchmen wake in vain."

Ps 127:1

The big question to ask yourself, if you dare to, is God building or are you? There's great importance in knowing the truth of that as the truth is a liberating force, not a destructive one. We want the light of God shining on our path ahead, not darkness closing in. Truth through Gods word, even if it means changing or scraping our plans, leads us to true success!
I was thinking this morning of the builders of the tower of Babel. The men in that day decided to construct and build a great tower because it seemed like an excellent idea that would give them a name, not glorify Gods name.

When we build, what we build into our lives should be to honour God not ourselves or anything else. The builders at Babel had, in there minds, a plan for success but it was about their success, their honour and their pride. The motive behind what you do in your life is very important. I've heard it said that a project lives or dies on the motive behind it.

One day as the men of Babel were merrily slapping around the old cement, along comes an observer of their work. Yes it's the God of the whole earth and he was not pleased with what they were up to. It says that on seeing what they were doing and the thought of their heart to lift themselves up rather than him, that he brought confusion down upon them to stop them in their tracks. If we build our house our way, then it will end up in confusion and like the tower of Babel, a half finished monument to folly.
Paul said that everyman should try his own work to see if it was God building his life or man. We can be happily building away in our lives and assume a little too easily that what we're doing, Gods behind but we shouldn't assume that just because we are succeeding at doing something, those Gods with you in it!
The men at Babel thought that they were being highly successful in their work. The tower was rising high, they were all of one mind; the thing they’d imagined in their souls was coming to pass before their eyes but..... God was not in it.
David learned in life that having God in the centre of what he was building was vital.
Some people are happy to do things their way, but the sign of a true Christian is whether or not you’re being led by his Spirit. Unless Gods doing it don't do it, should be our motto.
The word talks about everyman’s work being tested by fire to see if anything remains. Paul talks about this in 1 Cor 3:11. He says there that no other foundation should be laid in our lives but the one Christ builds. We are his workmanship created in him for good works.
Paul says that everyman’s work would be made manifest whether he was building with God ( things of gold, silver or precious jewels ) or whether he was building of the flesh or mans works, (things of wood or stubble). Stuff that will consume on contact with fire.
The day will come, Paul says, where the work of everyone would be tested by fire to see if it was built in God and if any mans work remained then there would be a great reward.
It does pay to build our lives upon Gods word and by the power and leading of his Spirit, for however much fun it may seem to you to build the reincarnation of the tower of Babel and call it Gods work, the day will declare the truth when God comes along to critic what we've been doing.

My advice is to let God have room and access to you to build your house the way He wants and then you’re on track for a victorious life that will shine like a precious jewel in Gods hand.


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