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" Where the word of a king is there is power!"

Eccl 8:4

Gods word in our life has power. I love this scripture because it's not just talking about some earthly king but the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
His name of course is Jesus, the one we love and should be serving with all our hearts.
The words he speaks to us are filled with spirit and life and they have the power to effect and shape us if we allow them to take root in our heart.
We are ment to recieve the ingrafted word of God with the faith of a little child. That means we don't complicate what Gods saying by unbelief, questioing and doubt. God is true and we need the word of the king effecting us for it has the power to impact us everyday.
Imagine the days of old where, instead of Tony Blair or David Cameron, a king ruled the country. At his word people were raised up to sit with him and at his word others were cast down from lofty places. The king spoke a word and everyone fell over themselves to obey it. There was a certain awareness amongst the courtiers and people, that this guy had power and at his word, they would only act!
God is our king and it should be with great awe and respect that we serve him and we need to live our lives by what he says in his word!
It is very important for succesful living, to do what he says. The words he speaks to us have the power and authority to change our lives.
"Be healed". Jesus frequently said this and guess what, people were healed.
"Lazerous come forth!" And the dead man came out of the tomb at the commanded word of Jesus.
"It is finished." Jesus declared those final words upon the cross just before he gave up his Spirit, signifying total victory in the work of salvation for mankind.
"Cast your nets on the otherside." When his desciples believed to obey that word after his resurection, after toiling all night fishing with nothing to show for it, suddenly their nets were bursting with a multitude of fish.
You need to prepare your heart to recieve Gods word. Everyone is so busy running around every day doing life and serving the man but isn't it time that we put the prioritys right and start serving the word of our God.

Take time with him to get alone and open your heart to his word as you read. Jesus said he would make his words known in our hearts. It's in our hearts that the word has real effect. Head knowledge doesn't cut it. We need his word quickened to our inner man by his spirit.
Think of how often the desciples remembered or suddenly found things Jesus had said to them before, suddenly coming clear in their spirit as God showed the truth to them. It goes on to say that then they believed what he'd said.
It's impossable to believe Gods word unless he reveals it to you. That's why it's so important to hear his small still voice.

Think of the times when you've been in a crisis then you suddenly find a scripture or word coming back to you in the midst of the trouble. Then you find peace, even if the crisis is still raging. That's God making real his word in the test so that we believe it and it becomes part of who we are!

Let the word of the King become powerful in you so that you begin to change the way you act and think. If we were created for his pleasure, then it should be by his word and command that we walk out our Christian lives here on earth. Open your heart to him today and tune in to the power of what he's saying to you by his precious Holy Spirit.


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