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"And the power of God was present to heal them."

Luke 5:17

When Jesus is present, then there is power to bring freedom to the captives, power to heal every sickness, power to restore you in whatever area of your life that has need.
It's one thing to talk about Jesus being real but another to personally experience that power of Christ in your life. Jesus when he walked this earth demonstrated the power, the visible reality of God amongst men.

People who came into contact with Jesus were changed forever.
We all need to experience the power of the spirit of Jesus in our live so that we know that he is real.
We are told to taste and see that the Lord is good, not sit back and remain in doubt. Doubt gets gone when we experience his life in us!
There is an effect when we connect with his spirit. He transforms us as we touch his life.
When the move of joy took place, I really had never known the spirit of God for myself. I'd lived as a Christian all my life. Grew up in pentecostal church and knew all the head knowledge about the bible and who Jesus was but I'd no idea the difference an encounter with the reality of his spirit would make in my life.
It makes such a difference when the power of God IS actually tangibly present, believe me!!

When people came to Jesus in desperate circumstances and simply believed he could help them, then that virtue of life that was pouring out through Jesus touched them.
I remember my first true experience of his joy and spirit, I'd come over to see Jade and she'd been in the USA. We sat down with some other people to catch up and we began talking. She was saying something to me when I just laughed, right in the middle of the convo! Now I was not aware that she and some others had been attending a revival camp meeting in Florida with Rodney Howard Browne.
Big things had been afoot over there, but I'd not so much as really heard about the joy move that was sweeping America.
Jade continued and then again, I laughed! Now I assure you that at the time the last thing I felt like doing was laughing. My life had been in a somewhat downward spiral for quite some time. I'd moved into a religious mode of life with everything going wrong under the surface. I didn't know the truth of the scripture that said. "The kingdom of God is not meat and drink (not about what religiously mundane traditions of life that we follow) but righteousness, peace and JOY in the Holy Ghost!"

As she talked I basically lost it, I remember feeling something like electricity surging through me and I staggered up laughing and started dancing round the room in front of everyone.
To the uninitiated I must have looked and sounded as if it was finally all too much for me and I'd snapped my twig!
All around me in the very air as I staggered round the room seemed to be sparks of fire.
It was my baptism into the spirit of God and i was never the same again. I now understood the difference that the power of Jesus being actually present to heal meant. I didn't have to fake anything, imagine anything or struggle to get free in my life, it just was and became a fact in the months that followed. Just one touch of his glory was what I really needed and it's what the church needs today.

We can talk about God till the cows come home and that's fine but what we need is the manifest power of his Spirit in our lives. We need to drink into his river of life and be free not just in word but fact. Were not following cunningly devised fairy story's when we follow Jesus, as Paul said but the truth in manifest power.
Never settle for a form of godliness. Don't deny or resist his power touching you. Open your heart and let his Spirit transform your life.

I'm privileged to work with someone where Gods glory is manifest in so many ways and I've personally witnessed amazing things happen straight out of the book of Acts!
To me the song "He touched me... and now I know!" says it all. When Jesus touches you, you don't forget it and your life is changed forever.


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