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"When Jesus had said this, he spat on the ground and made some clay and spread it on the mans eyes, and he said to him go and wash in the pool of Siloam which means sent and the man went and washed and came back seeing"

Jn 9:6

Sometimes what God tells us to do can seem strange to us, sometimes what we are told to do may not make sense to our minds but.... And there is the big old crux of the matter. When we do obey Jesus and go do what he's told us to do instead of disagreeing with the plan, we return free, made whole, liberated from distress and having won the victory!
The man in this story was born blind. He had never seen the light of day and all his life had sat in darkness, but one day this person called Jesus arrived to change his life forever.
When Jesus comes into any area of darkness or trouble that exists in the human condition, he brings the light of life.
God has his methods and way of working and we need to just be people who like this blind man go do what were told. It may have seemed strange to the man that this guy smears mud over his eyes, not to mention how he got the mud but it didn't matter or put him off heading as fast as he could to that pool to get healed.
A lot of Christians sit listening in church to what Jesus says they should be doing and never go do what he says, then they come back still with the same old problems and bondage. The reason is they never applied the word to there life. There is a scripture that talks about the word not profiting the people who heard it because they didn't mix it with faith! Or action.
The blind man believed what Jesus said and as proof of that, blind though he was, went and washed and his eye sight was restored.
There is power in the word of Jesus that works with faith in those who hear it and is made powerful by his spirit who performs the work.
It says that Gods word seems like foolishness to the world when they hear it but that's because it's spiritually discerned. If we are open to Gods spirit that's when his word connects with our spirit.
Jesus tells us to forgive our enemies, that alone can make people think your mad, but doing that frees you from carrying around bitter attitudes.
Jesus said to the rich young ruler, go sell all you have, take up your cross and come follow me. For this guy who was incredibly rich those words seemed utterly beyond what made sense to him but just think of the future the man could have had with Jesus then and in heaven If he'd just said yes Lord and had hurried off to do a mass sell off of his assets. This man it says went away sorrowful.
There are no sorry people in heaven who obeyed what God said to them here on earth.
If you want to be free and want to move out of the trap your life's in, then begin to start doing what Gods been telling you to do.
This man got into no end of trouble for doing what Jesus said.
As soon as Jesus had healed him, Jesus had moved on and the next group of happy people who met him were the Pharisees! These are the people who have a serious problem about those who do what Jesus says.
The last thing a Pharisee wants to see is the word actually working and with this blind guy who defended Jesus to their face, they threw him out of their synagogue.
It says that later Jesus returns to the ex blind man and asks him if he believes in the son of man, the man says who is he lord that I might believe, Jesus says it is he who is talking to you. The man says "lord I believe" and worships him!
An incredible thing happened in this blind mans life. Not only did he get his eyes open but he got his heart born again!
If you do what Jesus says then your story can end up in the same kind of victory as this mans did!


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