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"So let us lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets us and run with patience the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith"

Heb 12:1,2

It's time to shed the 'stuff' that's bogging down your Christianity! Paul said here that we need to lay aside/ put off/ cast off/ shake off whatever it is that's slowing down our race.
We are in life to win not to lose or to become a statistic of that which fell by the wayside.
To do this successfully we need above all else to get our eyes off ourselves and other people and focus on Jesus.
He is the one who began a good work in us and he's going to continue working upon us till he gets our lives to where he wants them to be.
This verse talks about running the race with patience, that means that life is a process and just because we get stuck over some hurdle that we face, doesn't mean that were not going to overcome it. By Gods help we are going to conquer the obstruction and get back into the race. We need though to lay aside the things that we can collect on route that have the potential of sabotaging your race ( remember just as in air ports, if someone gives you a suspicious package, refuse to carry it. It could explode in your face!! )
A lot of Christians become overloaded by life. Life has a habit of adding problems to anyone. Therefore we should take time to assess if we are feeling bogged down and If we decide we are, then with what are we being bogged down. In this verse we are told that stuff like  sin can be used to de-rail our race and leave us in the slow lane. Sin of course, according to Gods word is one of the big no no's that the enemy, the devil, uses against us to bring us into bondage and destruction through temptation. Sin should not have any power or dominion over us, remember, like Isaac, we are free born not born to slave away under the task masters of sin like before we we were saved. Jesus broke the power of sin over our lives by his blood and it's through the action and power of that precious blood that we remain out from under sins control. Remember if for some reason you've strayed into the sin zone, then we do have someone, Jesus Christ, to restore us back to him. If we confess our Sins then he is faithful and just to forgive us. We all can fall short of his glory at times, we can all face temptation to do wrong but equally we don't need to set up camp in death valley or become wasted away by a bad influence in our lives. Cast out the wrong and you will return back into Gods peace and blessing for your life.
We need to get rid of the things that weigh down your soul, your mind, your Spirit. That could be things like depression, fear, un-forgiveness, hurts, disappointments, guilt, worry, wrong mindsets about yourself, the spirit of defeat and failure. Gods grace is more than enough for us to make it.
We all fall short but the job of the person Jesus sent into our lives ( the Holy Spirit ) is to guide, encourage, comfort, council and empower us to run our race successfully and to run it well.
We are out for the perfection of our faith. The one who does that is Jesus. Even stuff we are going through today is part of the perfecting work. Remember a refining fire is very hot and it's purpose is to burn away the dross and corruption from the gold or silver. The end product will be worth all the pain that we go through at times but above all we need to run with a joyful heart, a light heart, not a heavy one. Joy lends wings to our race and will keep our spirit man fresh and positive, full of faith and an overcoming spirit.
David said this "By my God I have run through a troop of my enemies and by God I have kept over a wall. It's God that empowers me for the battle so that a bow of steel is broken in my hands!"
Amazing testimony  of a man who did his fair share of mess ups but Davids race ended up very well indeed as he let God win the race for him!
Be encouraged to get back into your race and see God perform miracles in your life today.


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