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You can do it

ClimberThere's an amazing scripture that says this "I can do (overcome, achieve) all things THROUGH CHRIST who strengthens me." what seems impossible to you sometimes, isn't with the God we serve. He is not incapable, week or lacking in supplying to you ALL you need to be the victor in your fight.
We are all engaged in fighting the good fight of faith but we aren't alone in it!
You can overcome your problems by the power of the one who has strengthened you to do it!
Faith needs to be our constant companion in life, not doubt or fear. You need the confidence that faith brings to your life, to rise up and say yes I can.
The whisperings of the enemy, plus your own flesh, go round saying no you can't but God says, YES YOU CAN.
This is why faith is so vital a component to your success. It's not a case of mind over matter, that would just be a much lesser form of human effort. No I'm talking faith here. The big F of the Christians armory. The nature of the big guy at work in us despite how the present situ looks!

Gods not saying to you, go perform handstands without me, rather he's teaching you how to walk into the power of his Spirit in you that tells you the complete opposite to fear and doubt and the lies of a devil who's intent is to keep you right out of the power zone of faith.
Let me tell you again, you can do it! You plus God are a majority in the battlefield of life. One man or woman with God can make an incredible difference.
Think of God with week little Gideon and what God did through him. Think of the fear filled disciples who one minute were hiding in fear in a dusty upper room, the next minute out on the streets empowered by the Spirit and faith, changing the world!
Think of Sarah who one minute felt old and dried up, the next catches the spark of faith to realize, hello I'm going to have a baby!! Oh yes I am. Gods word is true and yes I believe it should be our motto! What's a motto with you?
Excuse the awful pun but what is your motto?
I'm doomed. It's never going to happen. All things are impossible for me? On the road to dusty death? Depression is forever? Dr no? You only live once so why bother! What are you writing above the shield of your life? Is it a testimony of faith that has a victory outlook or is it one that merely marks the discouraged murmurings of someone who's been over run and stamped upon by life.

Don't be a nay sayer be a ye sayer. All the promises of God for you are yes and amen to he or she who dares to believe. The word of God is full of the stories of men and women aplenty who believed God and changed the motto of their lives from hopeless defeat to surpassing victory. Is it in your heart to believe God? Then say with me that yes we can and yes we are more than able to overcome and see the battle turn in our favor.
If you begin to say yes to God then he takes you at your word and he responds to you. Jesus said to the blind man, according to how you've believed, let it be done to you.
Sometimes we get nothing because we're believing for nothing. If Jesus came to you and said this same thing, what would happen in your life? Is your faith out there? Are you saying to God, yes I'm willing, yes I'm believing, let me receive what I'm asking for.
Listen to what's coming out of your inner man. Is it all depressing news on the bulletins of your news cast.
'Nothing ever good happens to me. I'm so fed up today. Why do I always get the tough breaks?'
No, no, no, this won't do! Time to change the channel to one with power and get the word on the box. My God shall supply all my needs. Through God we shall do valiantly. I have hope and comfort through your word.
Encourage yourself and let sparks of faith start flying in your heart because the hidden truth is YES you can because Jesus is on the inside of you and through his strength you CAN do all the things you need to do.

Have a good week and remember, YES YOU CAN!!!

Ps did I say yes you can?


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