Day One - The Beginning

In everything, there is a point of commitment to, or about, something. Whether that is towards another person, a job opportunity, a change within your own life, the taking up of a new hobby, or the making of a decision that will change your spiritual life.
Commitment changes everything, it takes life from the free trial period, before the agreement cuts in, into the active, I am in this for the long haul, positive state of being, that makes all the difference to how successful you are at what you take up and run with.
Commitment makes things serious, grown up, and very real... In commitment to anything, there is that moment of decision, that idea that you want to go further, don't want to mess around any longer, want to see result, change.
Commitment is that spark,that extra something, that will make the difference between you and the give up before we even begin, this is work, half hearted believer, beside you.
You are committing to this Detox week, and therefore you are going to be the one who keeps on running the race, right up to the end. Because you are placing importance on doing what ever it takes to be a happier, more fulfilled, more internally prospering you.

Quality of Life is important, its just not good enough to spend Earth time kicking around, with emotional, psychological, dysfunctional, areas, when we can see the end of these things. Seeing the back of all the self inflicted hurts and pain in life, learning how to let go of what is gnawing away, produces peace, something that we all need... in abundance.
Peace can be an elusive force, when you are engaged in living life, but Jesus has set up, for us as a believer, his peace, its not the same as the peace you feel when all is well, its not the same as the peace of beautiful scenery. Its a God inspired experience that comes from the relationship that you have with Christ, its something that is available to us all who are Christians.

To feel peace at will, takes us consciously getting in touch with the spirit inside of us in. We are going to be practicing this week, entering into Gods presence, in order to begin to feel the peace of Christ through our inner being.

We are also going to be working everyday with a scripture, meditate, or ponder, on that scripture throughout the day, as often as you can. That is because the Word of God is a precious gift to us. We are a generation that is blessed to have free access to the written word of God, where lies, life lessons for us, teaching, wisdom, and insight into the very heart desires of God for our lives, as individuals and as a God created species. His word is a lamp unto our feet, he directs our ways with it.

We have Audio tracks to encourage and guide you, uploaded daily, for you to follow. and listen to.
Ideally try to find as quiet a place as possible, to practice the exercises, and prayer, suggested.
The amount of time you take is up to you, the more time you have the better of course, but even Ten minutes, each day, will promote benefits to the spiritual you.
Set yourself to enjoy your experience this week, its not meant to be a burden!!! but more of a spiritual Spa break, within the confines of your own private space. So Enjoy....

Written by Jade

You get out what you put in, you reap what you sow, you've got to be in it to win it. That's three ways of saying that even though at first you might think you will fail its worth the effort when you finish what you started.
To reach a finish line of any kind, whether that's literally a sport, or whether it's just reading an incredibly long book or in this case getting closer to God, you need to commit to doing what you set out to do. This is a bull headed resolution to carry on even when you reach the point where you feel that it's getting to hard and are asking yourself "What's the point, it's too difficult, what was I thinking"
The key to motivating yourself to achieve things is to get it into your head that you can do what you are setting out to do. So get that idea in your head and think it through, ask God for guidance, get advice, if you come to the decision that you can do it then it's time to forget everything and focus on getting it done.

Let me break it down here (This would be a great moment for a rap song to kick in) -

The first step is to Accept that victory is possible, we have a promised reward in Heaven, God has done his part, you have the capability (Six Million Dollar Man flashback) it up to us now.

The second step is to believe you can do it (and we can do all things through Christ)

The third step is to focus on your goal, have faith, see the finish in your minds eye and never let it waver, let it be what pulls you over the barriers of doubt that will come, if you want it bad enough, there is no power of made that can withstand you.

Now... "Quiet the voices in your head, focus, if victory suggests itself crush it" and celebrate at the finish... run the race. (Just do it - Sorry I couldn't resist).

An athlete has to train for years before he runs a race, why does he train? Because he has accepted that he can get a gold medal his goal is attainable, it is a fact. Why does he run? Because he wants it, you have to want what your going after.
This takes dedication and there's no point in even thinking about doing something unless you are sure you want to do it, and your sure you want to dedicate a certain amount of time to achieving your goal.
What's the point after all, in doing something half heartedly, that's why the bible says to love the lord your God with All your heart and All your Soul and All that is within you, in fact a dedication to do what you set out to do will help you finish, because a time will come, when you have put so much into what you are doing, that you can't give up without making all you have done to get you there pointless and you have to keep going.
So don't do things by half measures this year, come on with us this week and start 2013 by dedicating yourself to achieving something in your life, and let that be a springboard for your future success.

Sp Here's to a New Year of victory, not just in January, but the whole New Year, when at the end you can look back, and with the same small smile you give when you close a good book, say "Look what I have achieved through Christ who strengthened me"

Hope you come along with us this week, God Bless, Josh.


Todays scripture for you is simply to encourage you with the idea of getting out of your life everything that's been effecting you. So read the scripture below and start to think about where it applies to you.

1 Corinthians 5:7 (King James Version (KJV))
"7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:"

Each day, we will publish a thought to motivate/inspire you. take the thought, and encourage yourself by repeating it within yourself as many times in a day as you can. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23 vs 7).

Your affirmation for today: "This week, I am going to be motivated to become one step closer to the better me that I wish to be."

Prayer is really communication with God, so we're including suggestions as to what your could particularly be praying about for today.

1, Putting yourself right
2, Seriously committing to change
3, Asking for Gods help to do the changing
4, Bringing before God, the needs in your life.