Seven Day Detox

What a mess fear can make of your walk! It's such an insidious enemy that can take a fairly simple item or situation, or not so simple for that matter, and turn them into weapons against you, that stop you from fulfilling your God given destiny.
Let's face it, fear is a big problem, after all most people are afraid of something! It can be a simple fear based on a spider, or as complex as a in built childhood occurrence that leaves you scared of locked rooms. Fear takes many forms and many disguises but has the same effect upon you, to paralyze or thwart some action you would be taking if only you weren't so scared!
Thank God for Jesus and his grace in our lives, because he both understands everything we feel, as he experienced it all as a man, but he gives us the strength to face and bit by bit overcome our own weakness in this area.
It's true that wishing something away doesn't make it go or change but coming to a place where we can trust to let go of our fear as we come to a better knowledge of Gods love for us, does.
Read 1 John 4:18
Some fears are tough nuts to crack and truly present themselves as impossible but with God nothing is impossible.
That said, it takes a determined person to face up to their fears and get past them. I am in no way minimising what you feel when faced with the object of your terror, but I am also not minimising the power of God, or the fact that his love can change how we feel and break the hold of the fear over us.
Many famous characters in the bible who God used in mighty ways, struggled against deep personnel fears.
People like Moses! Who fled from Egypt and hid in a desert, who even when God appeared to him and told him to go back to face Pharaoh with his power, preferred not too! Then there's Gideon who was hiding in a cave when the angel found him and told him he was a mighty man of valour!  Even the prophet Elijah when faced with a demented hussy like Jezebel, turned and ran as fast as he could into the wilderness in fear of his life! Then there were the disciples who frequently exhibited the old fear at various points in their learning period. Peter even denied Christ under the influence of this terrible emotion!
What can be said about fear and it's effect upon us and humanity from the fall till now, could fill an enormous library!
Man’s first descent into sin had him hiding in the bushes as fear first gripped his soul and man has been plagued with the wicked effects of it ever since!
It's time we got out of the bushes (so to speak) And get rid of the curse of fear that has left us coming short of God’s best plan for us.
Spend time today bringing what your afraid of to God and ask for his help to begin to overcome it. Fear loves to inflate anything it has a grip on in your life, until you end up in panic stations, but you need to shrink the way you look at the fear and see it as it is, not how it's making you feel. This isn't easy but determine within yourself to open up your heart to Gods love and power and to trust him to help you conquer this problem.
Sometimes that will mean facing up to the fear, sometimes it will mean ignoring the fear and starving it of your response to it. Most important of all, will be you being patient about it. Don't make the fear your focus but look away from your fear to one who has defeated your fears and WILL HELP YOU!!!
Isaiah 41:10

"So do not fear, says the Lord, for I will help you!"


Today the scripture's all about the fact that we've not received a fearful spirit. Therefore, we don't need to be controlled by fear, but can overcome it through his power.
2 Timothy 1 vs 7: "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

Each day, we will publish a thought to motivate/inspire you. take the thought, and encourage yourself by repeating it within yourself as many times in a day as you can. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23 vs 7).
"I am rejecting any fearful spirit, I concentrate on the powerhouse of the spirit in me."

Prayer is really communication with God, so we're including suggestions as to what your could particularly be praying about for today.

1, Help me lord to focus on the power of the holy spirit in me.
2, Help me to have a heart for those that are not as well off as myself
3, Help me to realise when I am being motivated by fear.
4, Help me to remove negative influences, and keep you first place in my life.

Today is about finding your hero and following them. And we all need one. Football players need one. Actors need one. Doctors, writers, airline pilots, they all need a hero, and so do you. You need your spiritual hero to follow. That man who makes you sit back in your seat and say “Wow, I wonder if I could of done that.” Truth is, many of you may never have been able to do that, because it was God who made them able to do that. But here’s what I’m going to tell you. That’s okay!

I’m going to start off by picking three names. Peter, Paul and David. And I’m going to ask you to look in the Bible and see something about them all. They all had God place people on earth to help them. David had the men who helped him in the wilderness, the mighty men who helped him in battle, he had Jonathan who warned him of the danger from his father Saul. These where all people God put in place to assist him. 
Peter and Paul had men and woman who fed, clothed and housed them. They supported them, not with grumbling and anger, but with Joy and happiness. Because they where responsive to God, they where doing all that they could to further the men that where their hero’s, and by extension, they where using them to become better men and woman of God. They may not of been the hero, but they where living up to their potential. They where supporting the men and woman of God who had been anointed and empowered to be incredible. 

There are many cogs in a clock, the most important is the one on the front of the clock, or you don’t get to see the time. But without the cogs inside, without the unseen mechanism, these hands just stay in one place. Those unknown men who had hearts so receptive enough to God, that they could recognize the leaders amongst them, honor them, and help them, they where important people too. These people where the cogs that God put in place to help people like Paul, David and Peter.
So if you aren’t the Paul or Peter or David, then why is that so bad? So long as your living up to the most you can be. That’s the important part. You can only become as much as God has planned for you to be. If everyone was the hero, who would there be to think of him as a hero?

In Paul’s life, David’s life, Peter’s life, there was God’s hand. But not always in the places we choose to see it. When we hear about God stepping in and helping someone, we often think about a sheet of flame falling from heaven and engulfing a gunman who’s about to kill you. Or a magic envelope showing up full of gold to save you from destitution. But why is it that it has to be so melodramatic? Instead of a sheet of flame. God could of put a police officer to come round that corner and save you. He could just as easily make it so you’ll find a job and be able to pay off those bills that are mounting one. God often makes it so that there are situations that don’t just benefit him, but others too. I can hear you all thinking, “where is he going with this”. Well let’s put it this way. God could of given Paul a sack of money the size of a house. But did he? No. What did he do? He put it upon other people to support Paul, to help Paul, and by extension, to improve their spiritual life by doing so. Those people benefitted from being able to support them. Giving of their time, food, money and possessions was their way of serving the kingdom. Those who couldn’t make the sacrifices that Paul could, those who didn’t have the anointing that he had, they could only do as much as they could do. That was support them, walk with them, help them, and do the best they could to follow their examples.

So what the important thing for you to be doing? I’ll tell you, it’s to look at your life and check that you are doing all that you can in your spiritual existence to become the best you can possibly be. But what areas of you life can you do more in? Use your hero to help you figure it out. Use him as the mark of greatness that you may never attain, but you should always aim for. Do your best. That is all you can do. That’s all David did, that’s all Peter did and that’s all Paul did. Be all you can be.

Written by Nate