One thing I've found doing life, which I hope helps somebody, is that you need the joy of the Lord constantly on the inside of you!
I've found if you allow the negatives to control you, how you feel and how you think, you end up in the 'depression zone'. It's not a good place to end up and is very destructive in what it brings inboard with it!
A successful life is a happy life and the kind of happiness that a child of God should have is not based solely on their circumstances whether they be good or down right awful.
I'm talking some heart joy that comes because we've received the Holy Ghost and he brings instant brightness into the darkest problem.
He is hope, he is joy, he is peace and soundness of mind and if he's allowed by you, he will cheer your heart with his presence.
Let's face it, as we do life we will run into the big old nasty of depression but it does not make a good traveling companion. It will talk you into a state of defeat, hopeless and unbelief!
It needs fought against, not wallowed in.
Proverbs 17:22 says this "A merry heart does good like medicine...". Let me tell you this, the joy of the Lord IS good medicine! It heals like a very effective balm upon your soul and mind and releases stress off you by the bucket load.
A joy filled heart repels the spirit of depression that's raging around the world that we live in. Depression has become one of the top destructive forces against the health of modern men and women.
If you want to travel the road of life with a negative spirit controlling you, every step is going to feel like a hundred!
Proverbs 17:22 goes on to say this and I think it encompasses all that depression does to a person, "but a broken spirit dries up the bones!"
Depression will start to break your spirit, attack your vitality of hope and grind down your vision till all you see is your problems and your failure, rather than the power of God that is within you!
Depression dries up your hope and then literally sucks the marrow out of life!
Join me today in saying this powerful word of God over your life.
"The joy of the Lord is my strength!"
A merry, joy-filled heart keeps you happy, free and in touch with Gods strength and overcoming power.
When Jesus touched someones life, he brought incredible joy into them. It became party time in their soul! Healing took place, salvation came and they were transformed into the kingdom of victory.
Why are you depressed? Hope in God, for he is the health of your countenance and your God!