Jn 1:16-18

"For out of his fullness (abundance) have we all received, grace upon grace (blessing upon blessing, favour upon favour).
For the law was given by Moses but grace (Gods unmerited favour) and truth, came by Jesus Christ!!

What Jesus actually did when he came to this earth two thousand years ago, was to bring our lives back into a place of favour with God.
If your in a position of being out of favour with a friend or associate of yours, you know about it. The way they look at you, how your perceived, the things that you won't have access too about them, all go to paint a picture of you out in the cold.
This was man in regards to God before Jesus came to bring him back, by the sacrifice of his life on the cross, into a place where we could have fellowship and friendship with God our creator.
It's such a precious thing to have been given grace and favour with our Heavenly Father.
Life without him was a cold and brutal place. It consisted of between forty and eighty years and then hell.

Water Well

If we're living in lack in any area of our lives, then know this that God is not a God of lack. When I say lack, I mean to be living without abundance. To be in want spiritually, to be struggling in the fast drying up shallows of every area of life, to be living as the tail and not the head.
Our God is a God of abundance, not dearth, famine, want, shortfall, poverty but he creates in our lives the position of being FULL and running over.
We enter into and live in a narrow, cramped position, because we're not properly connected to our supply.
The word says that we are AMPLY supplied with his Spirit. There should be no drought in our soul, no dearth going on in our inner man but we should be (like the good book) says, like "a well watered garden."
I don't know about you but this conjures up, not a desert scene but something resembling a beautiful English garden in high summer, well stuffed with gorgeous flowers and fruit laden trees with the odd bee buzzing around happily in the sun.


We need with a capital NEED to let the glory of the Lord fill our lives!
There's a verse in the bible that declares this "The whole earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."
Think of the great unfathomable depths of the oceans of the world. The deepest places of which no living man has either seen or gone down into. Then consider our God, eternal, stretching out his glory and power from the ends of a heaven that none can ever know.
You and I haven't even begun to experience who this awe inspiring God who dwells in a realm way above and beyond our small droplet of knowledge, is.
To therefore be a part, to have a place at all in his kingdom, is an honour that not one of us deserve. We are here by his grace, the grace of his Spirit and are made partakers of him through the blood of his son Jesus. It's through faith in his name that we entered into his kingdom and were translated out of the kingdom of darkness into his marvellous light.