Do you know what happens when we make the flesh top dog in our lives? One word, chaos!
Nothing gets it quite so wrong than our fleshly man or woman!
It's like handing the keys of your brand new Maserati, to your teenager who's one aim is to drive it as fast as he can, even though he can't drive.
Chaos! Our flesh, Paul said, wars against our spirit man, and our spirit man wars against our fleshly man! That's when we're saved I'm talking here!
Just because we've received Christ, doesn't mean all our trouble is over! We battle to constantly subdue the flesh, that part of us that is just plain human and just plain stupid as far as spiritual life's concerned.
Our flesh, your flesh, my flesh, only wants what satisfies it. It's the curse of the fallen nature of mankind which is always prone to going off the Bally old rails. The curse of the boy who knew too much, having been handed down from Adams sin, the knowledge of good and evil.

Life has the potential to knock you down, let's face it it's extremely hard at times to maintain your "I'm above and not beneath" mentality, but the word says we ARE able to rise up and overcome! 
Your circumstances may have you pinned down beneath them, you may feel discouraged at your lack of progress in those areas of your life that your struggling to win the battle but the good news, nay, the great news is that residing on the inside of you is someone GREATER! 
He's greater than your problem, greater than your fear and able to help you rise up over the mountain your facing. 
Chose to believe that you can overcome, don't chose to listen to the voices that come filled with their negative advice, ie: "give up its hopeless".
And listen for the voice of God in your heart that's telling you "you are more than a conquerer through Christ who strengthens you!" 
Often we allow our problems to enclose us like dark clouds round the top of a mountain and we get swallowed up in the murk of it all but we need the light to be switched on as we come into Gods presence and have him reveal a different vision and picture in our hearts. One of victory and of us rising high above our troubles on the wings of his grace. 
It says in the word that in the last days we will be like the sons of God, overcoming and strong! 
In the book of 1 John the word says that "you are strong and you have overcome (risen above) the wicked one!" 
Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in me shall never die!" 
We have received the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, therefore within us is his same mighty Spirit to give us the power to rise above so that yes, we will be "above and not beneath" our troubles or enemies. 
Gods Spirit within us is unsinkable, unshakable, unovercomeable!! (I'm not sure that last ones a word, but it says it all). 

There's an amazing passage of scripture in 1 John 4:4 that says these incredible words. 
"Because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!" 
Do you really realise the true nature and reality of the person who lives on the inside of you? 
When your born again, the son of God comes into your life! Jesus makes his home in your heart by the Spirit of God who lives and abides with us forever. 
Someone greater than you, someone greater than the power of sin and death, someone greater than this world, in fact greater than everything and everyone, came into your heart and changed your destiny… FOREVER! I'm sure I'm hearing amens all over the place right now! 
This incredible person now lives within you, by a miracle of the Spirit who is inside us! How can we get hung up on our problems, how bad the economy is, how fearsome the devil is, how inadequate we are to do life, and even “how can God be all he says he is”, if we're like we are! But your problem is simple, your eyes are on your flesh and not on understanding who you've received!

You know those kind of moments where something clicks in your heart that God has said to you? What do you mean no! Yes I saw you looking like i just said something off the charts. But God does Speak to us all the time!

Hi Guys, yes it's dade back to put a little God thought into your week. Nothing too profound, (although it might be) nothing to deep, (although it could be) but it will definitely be something to perhaps stir an idea in your heart that you are of interest to God! What a thought! That God is interested in us as an individual, that means guys and dolls just like you and me! Now as I began with this idea of something clicking in our heart and spirit, so I'll continue, because the word, those amazing words of God, need to connect with our spirit to really do something awesome in our lives. Change actually happens when the combo of the word, a willing heart and the Spirit connect inside of us. I don't know about you but I'm not always in a receptive place of heart, not all the time anyway and I need to bring myself back to the place where I get focused on Jesus. Away from all of the noise and business of the day and into a place where I catch what God is saying to me. You know if you just get quiet, you can hear God just saying something that will set your world to rights. A word that restores your peace and removes the frenzy of the enemy's blurge from your mind. Words that re-focus your efforts anew, and puts you back into a place of wonderful inner strength. We need those precious words of Jesus and we need to hear them to receive them. So listen out this week, he's trying to say something to you, that you need to hear!