Mark 11:23

Moved by faith. Everyone has things that stop them. Everyone wants to get somewhere but something is standing in your way. So what do you do? Every problem is different and the things that stop you will be different from what stops me and the way to conquer the mountain will be different except when it comes to the faith department. Faith is the ultimate ideal to walk, talk and act in.

So often we can be looking with an optimistic view of the problem one day and then the next be in plunging despair over it. This is natural feelings about it and that's where we go wrong. Enthusiasm and even having a positive attitude about our mountain may do nothing but make us feel a bit happier or our problem a little less monumental in our eyes, but the real answer, just like Jesus told his disciples, was saying to the mountain words of faith. Those words have effect and power because the supernatural ingredient that is Spirit born faith is active in them.
Unless faith takes hold in our spirit, we can end up being like the wolf in the three little pigs story, who huffed and puffed as he tried to blow the brick house down and only succeeded in exhausting himself over it. We can achieve far more over our situations if we properly bring them to God and get into a real heart of faith.

Faith is a heart action that is inspired within us by hearing the word of God. It's not a mental resolve, a determination to succeed but a God inspired reality that this mountain is moving and comes from a revelation that God is God and nothing is impossible with him.
It also requires allied to our faith, action on our part. That's where determination comes in and a possible positive view emerges that we are going to shift this blockage out of our way.
It could be fear that stops you, or laziness, it could be many things that hold us back in multiple areas, but learning how to tackle and confront our Giants is a very important lesson to learn, so that we can deal with what life throws our way.

Ok so your not perfect. That may be a news flash to you, but nobody is! You know as we walk life's journey we learn a lot about who we are, and our strengths and our weaknesses, we learn our limitations and what we can achieve and it all builds a picture to us of what is possible and what is not.
However, when we walk with Jesus, he is perfect! When we walk with Jesus, we learn that in our weaknesses, his STRENGTH is perfected in us. When we do life's journey with his Spirit, then there are no limitations that can bind us and with GOD all things are possible.
I encourage each and everyone of you to get your eyes off of you and to put your eyes on him. That's the way to overcome, by overcoming THROUGH the power of his Spirit within us.
Each day we find challenges by the bucket load. Getting up in a morning to face work, dealing with relationships that are, shall we say, HARD. Not getting stressed because a car cut you off on the road; right through to the real hardships that life can bring, be it sickness or a problem that's tormenting your life.
Whatever it is and whatever shape it comes in, Gods power in us Is equal and more than equal to rise strongly in us and OVERCOME it!!!
So with saying that, we come to the 'How to' of the subject, and I'll give you a few buzz points to follow.

We like to talk about being powerful allot but its always good to keep in mind where that power comes from.


Everything we are, do, and will do or be (feeling confused? Me too but bare with me) is because God gave us Jesus and Jesus left us the Holy Spirit.

That kinda means that naturally we are powerless. Yeah I know scary! But wait because it's a good scary because if we know that we are in our physical bodies weak then when we feel powerful and strong that can only mean we have been quickened by the Holy Ghost.

Do you know what happens when we make the flesh top dog in our lives? One word, chaos!
Nothing gets it quite so wrong than our fleshly man or woman!
It's like handing the keys of your brand new Maserati, to your teenager who's one aim is to drive it as fast as he can, even though he can't drive.
Chaos! Our flesh, Paul said, wars against our spirit man, and our spirit man wars against our fleshly man! That's when we're saved I'm talking here!
Just because we've received Christ, doesn't mean all our trouble is over! We battle to constantly subdue the flesh, that part of us that is just plain human and just plain stupid as far as spiritual life's concerned.
Our flesh, your flesh, my flesh, only wants what satisfies it. It's the curse of the fallen nature of mankind which is always prone to going off the Bally old rails. The curse of the boy who knew too much, having been handed down from Adams sin, the knowledge of good and evil.