On the road

Truck on a road

Hi everyone. Welcome to on the road, and some hopefully helpful thoughts about your journey through life.
We've all got a race to run, it takes a multitude of different shapes and forms depending on each of our particular circumstances, but one thing we have in common with each other, we're all saved by the grace of God!
That grace is what I want to bring to your minds and hearts as it's a vital part of making a success out of our lives.
For example if you make a mistake or are less than perfect, as we all are I might add, then who comes along to sort us out, dust us off and set us back on our little feet again ready for another bash at the mountain? That's correct it's Gods grace!

Hey guys. In thinking about what to say to you all as a piece of good God advice, this is what came to me.

Don't wander aimlessly in your Christian walk. (let's face it this section is supposed to be called on the road)

Now I'm not going to go into anything too deep, nor am I going to ramble on for ages, all I'll do is say that you need a "God plan" for your life.

It makes sense. No plan and no vision equals what the bible refers too as "perishing". Or ceasing to exist! Or winding up like the children of israel in the wilderness, who wandered aimlessly round the same mountain in their life for many years.
So instead of living without a clue as to what your aiming for, set goals to focus you on a definite direction.